About Koshiki

Koshiki Karateo is a “controlled contact competition and training system” with Super Safe protective equipment, we set free formerly prohibited essential Karatedo techniques such as open hand strikes etc., and still protect both contenders from injuries or fatal damages, which have been common occurrences for all the rest of Karate schools, such as Non Contact or Full Contact Karate. In other words, nobody can eliminate a slip of fist or legs even Non Contact is the strict rule, and cause damages to the head, face and / or belly, body of the opponent or oneself, unless such mis- punches or kicks are well accommodated in the behavior of each contender. Super Safe protective equipment is made by so called ultra light hi-tech materials, and bullet proof too.

About Pako

The Biggest International Martial Arts Academy With International Equipments In Telangana State.

Our Hours

  • Saturday - Thursday / Morning Session
    6AM - 11AM
  • Saturday - Thursday / Evening Session
    4PM - 11PM
  • Friday


Vijayawada - Hyderabad Hwy, Ashraf Nagar, Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500024

+91 6301801172 / 83283 06343

Saroor Nagar

AY Complex, 1st floor, Sri Venkateshwara Colony, Saroornagar, Telangana 500035

+91 6304078704